Titanium Elite 8 piece small Starter Set with Lids

$799 $1,391

The Perfect Starter Set for the novice home cook to advanced chef:

Set Includes: 3 Fry Pans + Cooker Pot

9 in wide x 1 inch deep fry pan with lid

9 inch wide x 3 inch deep fry pan with lid

8 inch wide x 2 inch deep fry pan with lid

9 inch wide by 5 inch deep cooking pot with lid


Why Choose Titanium Elite: 

    • Perfect for gas, ceramic and electric cooktops
    • Award winning design used by Michelin star chefs and restaurants Globally.
    • The aluminum base layer delivers consistent, even heating saving energy and keeping food warmer longer without keeping your stove on.
    • One of a kind Patented Lotan coating provides the incredible nonstick surface allowing you to cook with no oil or butter and an easy cleanup. Just rinse, wipe and store.
    • 7 layer technology prevents peeling and flaking no matter how much you cook.
    • Toxin free, scratch resistant, oven safe, dishwasher safe, easy clean up.
    • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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