Titanium Elite 14 Piece Delux Series (7 piece cookware & 7 piece Lid)

$1,999 $3,550


Our seven piece set includes all of our hand casted Fry Pans better than ever before, this set is  ranges from 2-7 inches deep on every piece creating a versatile and unique cookware collection that allows you to saute, make soups and stocks, roast or make incredible pasta dishes, the wide width and depth variety allows you to efficiently produce or create any recipe you wish.


  • 11 in wide fry pan Pan (7 in deep) w/ Lid -The quintessential pan for any dish

  • 13in wide fry pan x 2 inches deep w/ Lid

  • 10in wide fry  pan x 2 in deep w/ Lid - Absolute must have! 

  • 8 inch wide Cooker Pot x 5 inches deep with lid

  • 11 inch wide Cooker Pot  x 7 inches deep with lid

  • 13 in wide Casserole Pan x 3 inches deep with lid

  • 7 inches wide by 5 inches deep with 

Why Choose Titanium Elite: 
    • Perfect for gas, ceramic and electric cooktops
    • Award winning design used by Michelin star chefs and restaurants Globally.
    • The aluminum base layer delivers consistent, even heating saving energy and keeping food warmer longer without keeping your stove on.
    • One of a kind Patented Lotan coating provides the incredible nonstick surface allowing you to cook with no oil or butter and an easy cleanup. Just rinse, wipe and store.
    • 7 layer technology prevents peeling and flaking no matter how much you cook.
    • Toxin free, scratch resistant, oven safe, dishwasher safe, easy clean up.
    • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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