Euro tac Flash Light

$14.95 $29.99

Military Grade Tactical Flashlight 

The Euro Tac Flashlight is the ultimate flashlight, it is an absolute MUST HAVE for Campers, Hikers, Survivalists, Preppers, or to keep at home and in the car for emergency use.

The Euro Tac Flashlights HIGH GRADE LED light can be seen from miles away and features four different light modes.

  • spotlight
  • Strobe
  • High
  • Low

The Flashlight not only serves safety and efficiency purposes but can also be used as a SELF DEFENSE WEAPON with the built in STRIKE BEZEL that surrounds the light.


  • Light Color: White

  • 5 Mode: High, Middle, Low, Strobe & SOS / Zoom in & out

  • Attack Head 

  • Lighting Distance: > 500 meters (over 1/3 of a mile)

  • Waterproof, but don't put it into water for a long time

  • Body Color: Black

  • Adjustable body handle for extended hand grip or length with wrist strap for security


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